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Meet Yaye

Founder * Health Educator * Nurse * Wife * Mother *

               Servant *  Athlete * Coach

I've always been super passionate (a little obsessed) about helping people which was an anchor in my career as a nurse and teacher. Careers I picked unlike coaching...which I was destined to me. Let me explain:
My wellness transformation began after a serious motor vehicle accident in 2005 that left me with chronic muscular, skeletal, and neuropathy pain. This was the icing to my already beat-up body from years of athletic injuries and ZERO self-care! For a year I had countless medical appointments which resulted in taking a stash of pills and still my pain and symptoms lead my life. One day during a physical therapy session, my body froze, and I could not move a muscle. I laid there for what seemed like hours terrified and in tears. My physician said it was most likely a reaction from the medications that I had been taking at that time...and at that moment I said, “NEVER AGAIN”! That day I decided that I would take no more pain pills no matter how bad things may get.


Fast forward … about 6yrs after that incident, I was blessed to meet an amazing man who completely changed my life! He does not call himself a naturopathic healer, but I do. My results from his treatments were not only mind-boggling, but his treatment was also effective, and he gave me hope that I can live a comfortable life. I learned to accept, love, and protect myself. Which were the seed I needed to become faithful, intentional, and compassionate towards me, my loved ones, and all I do. He is now my mentor and has taught me the importance of caring for your mind, body, and spirit through all the great natural resources around us, and today it is my turn to encourage others to do the same. 

 "We all get one body, therefore, it's so vital to value and nurture  it otherwise it will lose the ability to work for us and instead it will start to work against us."

My profound aspiration is to inspire and support people to enhance their wellbeing and thrive towards their best quality of life.  I'm so grateful to proudly present to you Noor (light)Within. With my background in healthcare and teachings from many mentors, Noor Within takes a unique approach combining holistic services and products to those dedicated to improving and maintaining their total wellness inside out!

"Indeed, God will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves." Quran 13:11

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